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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


  1. Why does IRECT need to fundraise for church building?
    Please read our Case for Support
  2. Is there a minimum amount of donation?
    No, you can contribute any amount according to your generosity
  3. Will there be any tax receipt provided?
    Yes, for Canadian residence only
  4. What is the campaign goal and the duration of campaign?
    Our campaign would be in 3 phase:
    Phase-1 Family Campaign (support from Congregation)
    Starting September 2013
    Goal: $208,000
    Phase-2 Relative and Friend Campaign
    Starting March 2014
    Goal: $100,000
    Phase-3 Event Campaign
    Starting January 2015
    Goal $17,000

    We aim that in God's will, we can reach this goal by September 2018
  5. May I donate on periodical basis, such as every month or week?
    Absolutely, you can simply let us know what your pledge is: pledge amount and frequency of your pledge payment. You can also sign it up on line by clicking the DONATE NOW button in our website:
  6. After submitting my periodic commitment online, can I still change my mind?
    Yes, you can. We respect your decision and if any changes that you want to make to your pledge or recurring donations or any question or concerns related to your donations, please simply contact us by email:
  7. Apart from on-line donation, do you take any other form of donation payment?
    You can simply make your donation in different ways:
    - In person (cash or cheque donation)
    - Mail (Canadian cheque only and it's payable to IRECT)
    - On-line donation - click our DONATE NOW button at our website:
  8. How do I get an update on the Fundraising progress?
    We will update our website periodically to inform you the campaign progress. If you have a specific question that is not answered through the website, please feel free to contact us at and we will be happy to get back to you with the answer